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About Us

SCHTAGER is a subsidiary company under BOYER Group that focuses on Pest Management services. SCHTAGER manages and protects your home, commercial setting and public space from pests.

BOYER is a SARL company that has been in the market for 30 years and is licensed from the Ministry of Public Health # 2/2402 as provider of all related pest extermination services. We are experienced in managing public health issues and costly damages to properties since 1992.

Who We Are

Our philosophy is to protect our partners at all times and in every possible way. That is why we have always been keen on continuous development to adopt the latest scientific methods. We adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems and other tested and proven techniques & practices to get rid of pests in the safest ways possible. We have been upgrading and updating our product inventories, and we have registered unique formulations for which we are the exclusive distributors in Lebanon and the region. Products are not only designed but also manufactured in the United States, and we import them directly from the manufacturer.

SCHTAGER is a pioneer in integrating Green Pest Management and a combination of Non-Toxic and Least-Toxic Pest Management Solutions performing effective pest management free of harmful products.

We have partnered with international entities like Rockwell Labs, USA, and Swingtec, Germany to provide the safest and most effective Pest Management Service using proprietary products registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Health and that are classified as minimum to low risk in the US by the Environmental Protection Agency. Green products are NOP-Compliant (USDA’s National Organic Program) and are a natural and effective alternative to normally toxic pesticides.

ISO 9001 certified and has cooperated with or is a member of several national and international well know authorities in the pest management Industry.

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