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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are common pests that cause huge irritation despite their small size.
There are no specific causes for finding these pesky creatures in your home other than contamination from an infested environment.
From Travel (Hotel, Airports, etc..) to second-hand furniture, school, college, ordering online packages, Shared spaces or even having guest.
This type of insect is very stealthy and easy to get. But on the other hand, easy to remove if you employ the correct mechanisms.
Schtager Provides heat treatment for your mattresses (Beds & other at-risk furniture), using specially designed equipment to raise the temperature in your mattress to kill bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at 48°C or instantly at 50°C.

Combined with the use of a special powder that is specially formulated from natural minerals to get rid of insects and their eggs to prevent another wave of insect and guaranteeing safety and comfort for your family.

You are not required to leave your home during and after the treatment.

The Infection Control Plan ™
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