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Food storages (Home or Commercial Settings) Can become a breeding ground for insects and other organisms that we call Pantry pests.

Nearly all dry, stored human food products as well as dry pet food and birdseed are susceptible. Pantry pests eat and contaminate the products, rendering them useless for consumption and can leave infested foods to crawl or fly around the house. When this happens, they become an annoyance for many people.

This service requires a very in-depth examination of all susceptible materials and goods to find and identify the pest, this way we will give you a tailored solution that will hit your problem at 100% efficiency.


Some of the most common insects found in food storages:

  1. Saw-tooth Grain Beetle
  2. Red Flour Beetle
  3. Cigarette Beetle
  4. Drugstore Beetle
  5. Cabinet Beetle
  6. Black Carpet Beetle
  7. Larder Beetle
  8. Bean Weevil
  9. Granary Weevil
  10. Weevil Larva
  11. Rice Weevil
  12. Brown Spider
  13. American Spider Beetle
  14. Mealworm
  15. Indian meal Moth
  16. Angoumois Moth
  17. Grain Mite
  18. Psocid 



  • Be aware of stored product pests that may be brought into your storage on food items.
    Be especially suspicious of birdseeds and pet foods. Purchasing large quantities of these products that sit for long periods is an invitation for trouble.
  • Make sure your storage is in good condition to minimize invasions of stored product pests from outside.
    Good screening is critical, caulking around window and doorframes is necessary, and gaps under exterior doors should be eliminated.
  • Adequate ventilation in storage areas to minimize mold and mildew growth is important.
  • Store susceptible foods in tight containers — especially foods that will sit for long periods of time without being disturbed.
  • Remove spilled food products from storage areas and replace torn or damaged storage containers immediately.



  • Schtager Provides a tailored action plan dedicated to each insect/problem found.
  • There are no on-size-fits-all.
  • After each service, Monitoring results and test items is mandatory to keep track of outcome and carefully adapt your next move.
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene are a great booster to food treatment fest problems.
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